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Redmi Note 9 Pro Long Term Review - Not up to the mark

Redmi Note 9 Pro

 "Music" Hey guys, it’s Sagar from Tecworkz. Andafter having used the Redmi Note 9 Pro for a month and a half,I will tell you guys what I think about it, and should you choose it over the competitionor not. We all know that the Redmi Note has been Xiaomi’smost successful series, so much so that Xiaomi feels Redmi is big enough to become a separatebrand in itself. This year Redmi had made some changes to their most successful lineup.And we will have to wait and see how these decisions will fair in the long term. Up until 6 months back, Redmi was launching2 Note series phones, the Note 8 Pro and the Note 8, Note 7 Pro and Note 7,

 Note 6 Proand Note 6 and so on. But this time they changed things a bit and brought in the Note 9 Proand Note 9 Pro Max. Where there are less differences between the two, Max is obviously the betterone. So why is the Note 9 Pro here, and what does it offer let’s check out. I purchases the Note 9 Pro on the launch dayat Rs.12,999, but shortly after that, Indian government increased the GST on smartphonesfrom 12 to 18%, and the rupee has not been very strong against the dollar, so since then,Redmi has increased the price of this particular variants price by 1000Rs.

 And now it retailsat Rs.13,999. For this price, we get a very well built phone.It is a hair wider, but taller than the Note 8 Pro. And with a 6.67 inch display it isa massive smartphone. To put it to a perspective, It is even bigger than the iPhone 11 Pro max.Slight curve to the back makes it a bit easier to hold the phone in your hand, but make nomistake it is definitely a 2 handed device.

 Thanks to the Gorilla glass 5 at the frontand back, it feels like a premium smartphone. Much better than the plastic back ones. Butthere is a downside to using glass at the back, it gathers a ton of fingerprints andlooks very dirty if you are not constantly wiping it.The frame is made of plastic, but you won’t notice it until it is scratched. But in thehope of not letting this happen, Redmi includes a case in the box. And it is a good one, Ihave been using it since the day one, and it does a good job of protecting the phone.There is a small lip at the front, to keep the display protected, and there is also araised portion to protect the camera module, which if you haven’t noticed by now, sticksout quite a bit. 

To put most of you guys at rest, Redmi have given gorilla glass 5 protectionto the camera module as well. Before we go any further, if you are new tothis channel, please make sure to hit the subscribe button and the bell icon next toit. That way, YouTube will make sure to notify you, as a new video goes live on this channel. The 6.67 inch FHD+ IPS LCD display is amazingfor watching videos or playing games. While the peak brightness is a few nits lower thanthe Note 8 Pro’s display, this one can get pretty bright, even for most outdoor lightingsituations.

 The colours and viewing angles are also good with really good contrast levels,making sure you don’t have much to complain about while using it. Some people will stillfind ways things to complain, like it being an LCD panel instead of OLED or it not havinga 90 or 120Hz refresh rate. And rightly so because competition is giving AMOLED displaysand 90Hz refresh rate at or around the same price point. But honestly, you won’t evenmention these things if you just look at the display, without looking at the specs sheet.This is one of the best quality displays in terms of brightness levels, colour accuracy,contrast levels and viewing angles that you are going to get at this price. The bezels all around the display are justas thick or think, as other Redmi smartphones in recent times.

 This time, there is a small punch hole stylecut-out for the selfie camera in the top middle of the display. This is small enough, thatit doesn’t get in your way, no matter what you are doing on the phone. And it is in thecentre, where not much information gets displayed anyways. So in my usage, I did not find thisnotch to be intrusive at all. And trust me, in a day or 2 you even forget that it’sthere. I am just curious, that which notch do youprefer? punch hole type, water drop notch, pill shaped notch, or do you prefer notchless display with motorised pop up selfie camera? I would really like to know what youguys think. Above the notch, there is a wide speaker grill,and the speaker under it gets loud enough for crisp and clear audio calls. Display being a LCD panel, 

you don’t getan in-display fingerprint sensor on this phone. Honestly I am really glad for this. Have youtried the in-display fingerprint sensor on the Mi A3, or any other budget device? ifyes then you, Most of those fingerprint sensors at this price point are too slow to unlockthe phone, and they are also highly inaccurate. So it takes multiple attempts to read yourfingerprint. On this Note 9 Pro, the fingerprint sensoris placed on the right side of the phone, and it doubles as a power button. This oneis really fast and accurate. I prefer this side placement over the in display one, butI would have liked it to be placed a bit lower, for more comfortable usage, as its a verytalk phone. Anyways I like this placement, let me know in the comments what you thinkabout it. Above this fingerprint sensor / Power button,there is the volume up and down button. At the top, 

there is an IR blaster that letsyou use your phone as a remote controller for your home appliances, and a secondarynoise cancelling microphone. There is a single SIM tray on the left, that can hold 2 nanoSIM cards and a MicroSD card. So if you are running low on internal memory, you can addin more storage anytime you want. At the bottom you get the 3.5mm headphonejack, which is very important at this price point, a microphone, USB type C port for chargingand data transfer, and a speaker grill. The speaker can get loud, but at higher volumes,it lacks the depth that you might expect from a quality speaker. That being said, for theprice, I think it is pretty good, and as I said it gets loud, so it gets the job done. After using a MediaTek processor inside theRedmi Note 8 Pro, Redmi has decided to go back to using Snapdragon processors. And theyhave included their 720G processor on this one, which according to them is better thanthe MediaTek Helio G90T, used in the Note 8 Pro. It’s also built on 8nm architecture,so it is supposed to be much more efficient.

 have been using this phone, and I neverfelt it lagged or stuttered while performing any normal daily tasks. It is snappy at openingand switching between apps. But if you like to play a lot of games, specially FPS gamesor the ones which require higher graphics, I won’t recommend you to get this phones.Because in that case its performance is not the smoothest. There are a a lot of framedrops here and there, and I think it has got to do with optimisation. Because the 720Gprocessor is capable of handling these games. You can still fire up these games on the phone,but the gameplay just won’t be as smooth as you would want it to be. Coming back to the overall daily performance,I feel RAM management has been approved a lot compared to the Note 8 Pro, 

and it feelslike an overall more refined smartphone. Speaking of RAM, you can either go with 4GB of RAMand it is coupled with 64GB of internal storage, or you can choose 6GB of RAM and it will giveyou 128GB of built in storage. To power the phone, it packs in a monstrous5020mAh battery. It is enough to make you phone easily last for a day and a half, evenif you are a heavy user. With average usage, and not playing too many games, I was evenable to get 2 days worth of usage from this phone, on a regular basis. When it is timeto charge this huge battery, you get the 18watt fast charger included in the box. It stilltakes a bit over 2 hours to charger it, but I am glad they just didn’t give the usual10watt charger, coz that would have just taken ages to completely charge it. But then again,some of the Realme phones in this price range have started shipping with 30watt fast chargers,so it would have been great to see the 27watt xiaomi charger bundled with it,

 like the Note9 Pro Max. It is running the latest version of MIUI 11on top of Android 10. And while there are lot of features and customisation optionsthat MIUI offers and that it is pretty smooth, OS is the one thing that I wish to changeon this phone. If you can slap a new skin or a new launcher like POCO launcher or completelychange the look and feel of the OS by installing Nova launcher, you could live with this phonewithout any issues. Now my problem is not with the MIUI, but more to do with all thebloatware that comes preinstalled, and all the horrible ads and spam notifications thatits default apps keep on sending you. There should just be a way to completely disableall this stuff, because it is really annoying to get these ads and notifications, even whenyou de-select and opt out of all the settings while setting up your phone.I just hope Xiaomi realises these ads are spoiling their users experience and just ruiningtheir brand reputation on a daily basis,

 and that they dial these ads down a bit and makesure to keep them children friendly. Coming to the quad cameras on the back. Unlikeits bigger brother the Note 9 Pro Max, this Note 9 Pro gets the 48 megapixel Samsung GM2sensor for its primary camera. It gets F/1.8 aperture and a 26mm lens. Next camera getsa 8 megapixel sensor with F/2.2 aperture, and a13mm ultra wide lens. Then there is a5 megapixel sensor with F/2.4 aperture, and this one gets a macro lens. Finally thereis a 2 megapixel depth sensor with F/2.4 aperture. For the selfie camera, Note 9 Pro gets a 16megapixel sensor with F/2.5 aperture. Here are few of the images from this phone.There is fair amount of detail, in these outdoor daylight shots, provided you don’t zoomin a lot on them. There is an extra bit of saturation and extra contrast in all of theseimages, and depending on your colour preferences, you may or may not like it. Like with mostRedmi smartphones, Note 9 Pro also tends to over export its images, so very often, youwill have to adjust the exposure by pulling the brightness slider down.Most of the average users should be happy with the daylight performance of this camera.As we would expect, Portrait mode images are really good from this phone. And the new Moviemode, which lets us capture 21:9 portrait mode images, with black bars at the top andbottom, makes these images look amazing. In low or artificial light, there is a lotof noise and the images don’t hold on to any details. There is a night mode, but thatdoesn’t help a lot either in these low light situations. I don’t think anyone will beeven remotely satisfied with the Note 9 Pro’s low light performance.It does make up by shooting crispy electronically stabilised 1080p videos at 30fps. It can shoot4k 30fps videos as well, but those ones are not stabilised, and are a bit over saturatedfor my liking. I have made a very detailed camera reviewof this phone, with over 75 image and video samples. I suggest you guys to definitelycheck that video out. I will leave a card to it on the top right corner of the screenand also link it in the description section. Although the cameras are decent in daytime,I think at this price,

 there are a few better options in the market, specially for low lightphotography. So if camera is the main deciding factor for you, I just won’t suggest youto get this phone. Spend a bit extra and get the POCO X2 or even the Redmi Note 9 Pro Max,but not this one. Moving on, Redmi has made sure to includeall the necessary sensors starting with the Ambient light and proximity sensor, gyroscope,accelerometer, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, NavIC, IR sensor and so on. So you have a wide arrayof all the necessary sensors. Overall, I think the Note 9 Pro hits the rightnote with its internals, and the build quality and design, and will give most of the averageusers the smooth performance that you might expect. But for it is lacking in some parts,that would have made it the best budget smartphone to beat in the price range, like the Note8 Pro or the Note 7 Pro were when they came out. I feel the camera and the GPU is holdingthis phone back. So I can’t suggest this phone to someone who likes to play a lot ofgames or who like to take a lot of images. If you like to take lot of images, take alook at the Redmi Note 9 Pro Max, and if you like to play games, turn towards the POCOX2.

 Sure that will cost more, but they will also give you overall better experience. At this price point, the competition is tough,and Redmi is trying to get people to buy the Note 9 Pro Max for a higher price, and withtheir current ads situation, they are sort of loosing their grip in this market. Suretheir market share is growing, and they might be the number 1 budget smartphone brand inIndia, but the competition is closing in, and are ready to mop up, every unsatisfiedcustomer that Redmi is leaving behind. Instead of launching the regular powerfulNote 9 Pro, and then bringing in the Note 9 Pro Max with more added features on top.Redmi decided to make the Note 9 Pro Max their new favourite, and diluted the features onthe Note 9 Pro in this process. By doing this, I think they have watered downthe Note Pro series phones, and this move might just not go very well for them in thelong run. So now who should be looking to get this phone?If you just can’t stretch your budget beyond 14K, or if you just want to use the basicfeatures on your phone, then go for it. Big display is amazing for consuming content,huge battery keeps it powered for more than a day, dual VOLTE means you are always connected,and the headphone jack lets you listen to your favourite music in isolation. And forall these things,

 the Note 9 Pro is an amazing phone.But if you do anything more than playing casual games, or taking lot of images, speciallyin lower light, you should look elsewhere. So these have been my thoughts about the RedmiNote 9 Pro. What do you guys think about it? and are you planning to get it or are youlooking forward to the Note 9 Pro Max? let me know in the comments. That is it for this video guys. Please hitthe like button if you enjoyed this video, and subscribe to the channel for more qualitytech videos like this. You can also check out some of the other videos on this channel.This has been Sagar, and I will catch you guys in the next video, Take care. 


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