some cases you were able to pick it up for $300 which was a stealin my opinion in fact the a50 was one of the top-selling smartphonesaround the world competing against Apple's iPhones that conveys a strongmessage most people just don't care about having the fastest flagshipsmartphone because you know they just want something basic they don't want amillion features

was launched but these phones can be pickedup for less depending on sales events and all that kind of stuff so watch outfor that that being said compromises had to bemade by these brands to hit that price point and that certainly affects theoverall user experience some of the issues I had with the a50 was thelackluster performance the cameras wearing the greatest especially whencompared to the pixel 3a which was right up its alley in that price range so hasSamson addressed or happy at least tried to improve some 

 braided armor on switcheslighting blink 2 side grips for better comfort a type-c connector with 50 hourbattery life and a three-way operation mode with course there's a slipstreamhyper fast wireless technology check it out below alright so from a physicalaspect they haven't made any major changes you're still getting a plasticback with metal side railings just like the a50 so it's not a scratch proof asglass backs but it's less here to crack like glass which is abenefit if I were you I just Rock a case just to be safe the display has receiveda bit of an upgrade I mean it's not substantial but they made it look like amodern flagship smartphone so they've expanded the screen by 0.1 

 a50 rocking the same resolution I'll be you get extra pixelsvertically because of that screen expansion and that's it does it have ahigh refresh rate no does it have support for HDR 10 Plus video no does iteven look good yes absolutely guys it's still a beautiful screen with greatcolor vibrancy and deeper blacks it looks just as good as a flash yoursmartphone and I appreciate the fact that it's still a flat screen withoutany curves look the display is the most important factor of any smartphone andI'm glad Samsung

it sounds okay itcertainly doesn't get any louder I would have preferred a dual speaker setup onthe a51 that would've been a nice upgrade over the a50 but we're notgetting that with this phone but on the positive side we still get a headphonejack yeah remember that guy the 3.5 millimeter thingy I'm glad that they'vestill camped it the in 

 then thefifth time it works odd just fine in some cases it locks me out and it askedme to try in 30 seconds so I have to force myself to use the swipe patternwhich is the second way of unlocking the device I mean it's I have had betterluck with the pixel 3a and of course the s20 which is much more expensivesmartphone but I really want to know your thoughts about this would yourather prefer having a display or an in display fingerprint sensor on a cheapsmartphone instead of

compared to the a50 they've still kept a microSD card slotfor storage expansion which I'm sure a lot of you would appreciate there's nosupport for wireless charging nor does it even have an official IP rating whichall makes sense because those certifications and tech costs money thespecs are also pretty similar for the most part compared to the a50 so it hasan X notes 96 11 versus the X notes 96 10 but these SOC s are essentially thesame except for the fact that you

I'm also to an extentspoiled by the displays that come with high refresh rate more RAM fast s whosees etc and so the switch to the a51 almost felt like I had to trade aLamborghini for eight Toyota Yaris that makes sensebasic things like launching Gmail Spotify YouTube Instagram takes at leasttwo to three seconds to load that might not sound like a lot but I mean comingfrom a flash smartphone it is a lot to me personally the animations are jitteryscrolling through Twitter and my Instagram feed was really not thatsmooth as the page took a few seconds to catch up if you use Google

 Mapsextensively you have to be really patient with the content to load upmultitasking performance is also not the greatest and there is a good reason forthat my sample comes with 4 gigabytes of RAM and my average usage is around 3gigabytes which really pushes the limits on this phone now there are a fewworkarounds to this you could enable developer options through the settingsand then reduce the animation speeds or 

completely turn it off which should helpthe absolute instantly and it should take away the jitteriness that you'llexperience with this phone when you set it up out of the boxlet's keep in mind that content still takes time to load up and it alsodoesn't help with memory management either now as much as I'd love to saythat specs don't matter on phones these days it kind of does on the a51 becausethis phone is running Android 10 with Samsung's one UI and it's the exact samesoftware 

experience as what you'll get with the S 20s twenty plus and the s 20ultra Samsung hasn't made any software enhancements to make sure that theoperating system runs efficiently on this little speck hardware think of itas a gamer if you're looking to play the most demanding titles and the besthighest possible frame rates to get a smooth experience you would invest in anexpensive GPU that's 500 perhaps even $1000 but if you play those mostdemanding titles on 100 to $150 GPU the I mean you get the point I really thinkthat 

software is the bottleneck on the a51 perhaps a lighter version of Androidthat's less resource hungry would yield a better experience I would actuallyrecommend picking up the six key byte or a key buy variant if you can find onebecause that should significantly help with a performance or multitaskingperformance on this phone and the positive side battery life has beenphenomenal on the a51 I had a great 

experience with the a50 same storycontinues with this smart phone you shouldn't worry about battery lifewhatsoever you can easily push this to maybe 2 days worth of use and that's meis a win-win the last thing that I want to cover here is the camera performancethe a fifty one comes with a quad camera set however the only two cameras you'dactually care about is the 12 megapixel ultra wide-angle and the 48 megapixelstandard wide-angle you don't get a telephoto lens but there is a 5megapixel depth sensor for portrait

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